Reebok is looking for a social media win in the wake of anti-New Balance sentiment sparked by a pro-Trump comment. After the story about New Balance approving of the Trump presidency went viral last week, @ReebokClassics reached out to a handful of Twitter users who trashed their New Balances in protest.

Reebok offered to replace users' New Balances with sneakers of its own, as seen in the below tweets spotted by Daily Mail.

Reebok Free Sneakers Trash New Balance
Image via Twitter

None of the users contacted have posted their free sneakers yet, so it's unclear what sort of footwear Reebok is sending out with this stunt.

New Balance drew criticism after its VP of public affairs said that "things are going to move in the right direction" with Trump as president. As reiterated by the brand since, that comment was specifically in reference to Trump's views on trade.