Not all Air Jordans are created equal. Cleveland Cavaliers small forward Iman Shumpert knows this, and expressed some opinions about the lesser colorways of the iconic line in an interview with Complex.

"For some people, in their mind, Gamma 11s are acceptable," Shumpert said. "You bring those around me and I’ll freak out like, 'Why did you buy those? Mike lied to y’all. Those aren’t cool. He just told y’all they were coming out Saturday, and y’all got hyped.'"

Shumpert's comments were made in reference to the sneaker obsession of his wife, Teyana Taylor, who apparently has a tendency to go out and purchase every colorway that hits stores.

In a bit that was cut from the piece, Shumpert went on to explain that he can understand rowdy behavior over certain releases, although not the likes of the "Gamma Blue" Jordan 11.

"Now, the all red  4s, the shiny ones? Fight over those. Fight. Even though Mike didn’t wear them, they should’ve brought those out," Shumpert said. "I would’ve loved to see Mike in the red unis, with the cursive Chicago jersey, in them all red 4s. Fight if y’all wanna fight over those. Knock the store down. Whoop somebody’s ass on World Star for them shoes. I’m down. But them Gammas? Keep ‘em. The 12s with the light blue? Keep it."

Read the full interview with Shumpert here.