This past weekend Bape teamed up with Adidas on two NMDs for quite possibly the Three Stripes most hyped up release this year. People all over the globe were after a pair. Those who tried online were served an "L" in 15 minutes or less, but the stakes were much higher for those brave enough to line up. Many New Yorkers didn't get a pair thanks to one reseller and almost all of Japan lined up outside of Bape Shibuya, but when things got a little rowdy in Vancouver, hopeful customers got down and dirty with a full-blown melee.

In a video posted on Twitter by @resell_cartel, a shirtless man can be seen fighting another man before getting attacked from the rear and swarmed by a camera-ready smartphone wielders.

Prior to the brawl and the shirtless man being arrested, police made there presence known to the unruly crowd. There was no line or order. A large mob of people waited outside of the Adidas Store in Vancouver impatiently waiting for the store to open. They can be even heard singing and chanting, "Fuck Donald Trump" while pushing closer to the gated store front in this Youtube video here.