The NFL has been as liberal as ever this season with its fines over footwear, hitting several athletes with infractions over custom cleats and designs that go against its guidelines. Is the league being too stringent with its cleat rules? New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz thinks so.

"I’m a heavy customs guy. I’ve been wearing customs since Week 1. I think we’re forcing the league to open their minds to how they can market themselves," Cruz said in a new interview with Complex. "Instead of fining it and looking for negatives, why not embrace it and turn it into a marketing opportunity? Kids want the custom Antonio Brown cleats, they want to go out and buy the Odell Beckham Jr. cleats. Why fine it because it doesn’t fit the mold of a rule you made back in 1955?"

In the interview, Cruz also talks about a new collab version of his Air Trainer Cruz signature model. The sneaker, created in conjunction with Sneaker Room in New Jersey, is a tonal pink release limited to just 50 pairs that will raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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