How did Tupac Shakur end up wearing Grant Hill Filas in that infamous photo from the booklet of his 1996 albumĀ All Eyez on Me? It turns out his pair came from Hill himself, who tells the story of seeding Shakur with the shoes in an interview with MLive.

"Now, with Tupac we actually had a mutual friend and when he got out, just sending love, I sent some [shoes] not even sure if it would happen," Hill explains. "Then when he had them on in his album cover, I thought that was cool. It was just a good time."

The sneaker worn by Shakur, the Fila Grant Hill 2, got the retro treatment from Fila as recently as this year under the "Fila 96" name.

In the interview, Hill also reminisces about seeing Method Man don his first Fila signature model.

"My first one was Method Man," Hill says. "He wore my first shoe. And I remember how I thought that was really cool, and I didn't know him, and I was a fan of him actually. But I wasn't a part of making that happen."