Following Kevin Durant's decision to leave Oklahoma City this past summer, it's clear that his relationship with former teammate Russell Westbrook isn't what it once was. Not only has it been confirmed that Westbrook didn't receive a courtesy call from Durant when he signed with the Golden State Warriors, but the two have sent veiled shots at each other through the media. On Westbrook's end, he starred in an Air Jordan 31 commercial with the tagline "Some run, some make runways" back in August, presumably referencing Durant leaving the franchise he helped build. Now, in a spot for his own sneaker, Westbrook may be sending another message to his old running mate.

Promoting the Jordan Westbrook 0.2, Westbrook and several extras are seen dancing to Lil Uzi Vert's "Do What I Want." The use of the song, which features the repeated hook, "Now I do what I want," doesn't appear to be a coincidence. Sure, it could be pegged to Westbrook's unique personality and sense of style, but it does seem to also address his newfound freedom in OKC.

Possible drama aside, it is a great spot. While all of these other players are starring in predictable, over-dramatic spots telling you about their improbable journey, Westbrook is just having fun being himself. With so many big personalities in the NBA, hopefully we see more of this moving forward.