Nike announced on Tuesday that it would be holding a charity raffle for the release of the 2016 Nike Mags, the Marty McFly shoes from Back to the Future Part II that are finally releasing with power-lacing. While the shoes are a dream come true for sneakerheads who grew up obsessing over this piece of fictional footwear, the dream of owning them won't actually come true for the vast majority.

On the page hosting the charity raffle, Nike mentions that less than 100 pairs are available. On an FAQ page, the brand breaks it down further: there are just 89 pairs available total. 84 of those will be available via its The Draw raffle while the remaining five will be auctioned off in Hong Kong, London, and New York City.

The full breakdown for pairs available is as follows:

Size 7 = 11 pairs
Size 9 = 22 Pairs
Size 11 = 33 Pairs
Size 13 = 18 Pairs

Readers can find more detailed information on the 2016 Nike Mag here.