It's now been two years since we've seen the Captain on a baseball diamond, but fans just can't let him go.

With the MLB Playoffs in full swing, super collector PE Vault just unveiled a unicorn from his personal collection — a deadstock pair of Derek Jeter's Air Jordan 14 cleats from 1999. Not much different from Michael Jordan's "Last Shot" sneakers, the cleats are mostly black, with a yellow Ferrari-inspired shield and white and red accents. Jeter's number "2" replaces "23" on the heels.

Fittingly, Jeter wore these cleats en route to winning the World Series. If the Jordan Brand is ever looking to inject some energy into the Jordan 14, perhaps a Jeter-themed sneaker would be the way to go.

Derek Jeter Wearing an Air Jordan 14 PE
Image via The Boston Globe for Getty Images