Fame can come from the most unexpected situations and at the most unexpected times. That's the case for 70-year old Ted Thorne, who went viral over the summer after his daughter Sarah uploaded a video showing her father unboxing a pair of custom light-up Nike sneakers that he had long wanted. His reaction, child-like in nature, drew more than 40 million views to the original Instagram video.

Now a reluctant "celebrity," Thorne is talking about life since unboxing his light-up Nikes. In an interview with CTV, Thorne seemed blown away by the response he's gotten.

"Forty million people out there, that's like more than the entire population of Canada," Ted Thorne told CTV Calgary on Monday.

Though a big fan of his new kicks, Thorne isn't quite comfortable with bringing that much attention to himself in public just yet. Thus far, he's only worn the shoes around his backyard.