The subplot of a historic NBA Finals this past June was the internet's all-out assault on Stephen Curry's white "Chef" Under Armour Curry 2 Lows. Taking the hits in stride, Curry joked that the shoes were "Straight Fire" and even laced them up for one of the team's practice sessions. However, he had bigger plans for the shoe that were nixed by the Golden State Warriors' brass.

In an interview with ESPN's Darren Rovell, Curry revealed that he actually wanted to play a Finals game in the "Chef" low-tops, which were being compared to plain white sneakers typically worn by nurses or dads. With the health of their MVP in mind, team officials thought better of it.

"He revealed for the first time Saturday that he was ready to wear them for Game 4, but was talked out of it by Warriors general manager Bob Myers and his agent Jeff Austin, who were concerned about the low cut given Curry's history of ankle issues."

Considering that Curry has been able to take his career to another level with Under Armour, it was a wise decision by the Dubs. And how much worse would the jokes have been if Curry were on the losing end of the series while wearing dad sneakers? There's levels to sparing yourself further embarrassment.