For those of us that love sneakers, the goal is to always work at a place that allows us to wear them. If you’re going to be spending 40-plus hours of your week working, you might as well be comfortable, and sneakers sure beat a suit and tie. If you’re truly fortunate you might even get to work for a company that not only allows it, but even encourages sneakers in the officelike Team Epiphany.

Team Epiphany is a creative marketing agency that proudly claims brands like Nike and HBO as clients. Even if you’ve never heard of the firm, you’re probably familiar with some of their work, such as creating the #KITHNikeArtifact consumer experience for Air Max Day in 2015.

At the helm of Team Epiphany is managing partner Coltrane Curtis, who brings a lifelong passion for sneakers to his leadership style. “I used to cringe about having to go to work,” he explained. “I used to spend so much time trying to curate my look to fit in with the way that the rest of these corporate guys were looking. That just wasn’t what I wanted to create here. Ultimately, people here are stylish and I want them to express themselves.”

Style is an important part of what Team Epiphany sells, but there’s an even bigger element to his sneaker-friendly dress code. “I want them to be comfortable. I would say that everyone here puts in 10-to-12 hour workdays, every day. Some people work on the weekends.”

To find out how far the team takes this style and comfort initiative, Sole Collector headed to Team Epiphany’s New York headquarters.