Is there a sneaker rivalry brewing on the Golden State Warriors squad now that Steph Curry and his Under Armours will be sharing the spotlight with Kevin Durant and his Nikes? Curry himself doesn't think so. In an interview on Zach Lowe's "The Lowe Post Show" podcast, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr recalled Curry diffusing any possible footwear tension between the two at a recruiting meeting.

"We started talking about shoes, and I think Steph made the point to Kevin, he's like, 'Hey, you know the Under Armour/Nike thing makes no difference. If we're on the same team it's good for Nike and it's good for Under Armour,'" Kerr said.

Where did that leave Klay Thompson, the Warriors' other big scorer who's signed to a totally different sneaker brand? He posed that question during the meeting.

"Klay, who rarely says anything but when he does it's always funny, he jumps in and he says, 'Is it good for Anta?'"

Listen to the podcast here for the full interview with Kerr.