It appears that NikeLab is taking a clandestine approach to rolling out its latest high-profile collaboration, opting for back-channel messaging and unexpected launch times rather than straightforward press releases and release dates. The tone and obfuscation make sense given the partner in the project—Acronym, a wilfully hushed brand whose technical gear feels straight out of a dystopic, surveillance state future.

Nike hasn't said anything about the shoes yet. Its social media channels are devoid of mentions of the teched-out Air Presto Mids that make up the collection. But the accounts of Acronym co-founder Errolson Hugh have offered clues. There, he's posted imagery of the pack created by artist Kostas Seremetis, along with details of a limited launch in Berlin (where Hugh is based) on Wednesday, Sep. 8.

That local launch spread to the internet unexpectedly, with Hugh tweeting out an announcement about the shoes hitting the Acronym webstore at 2 p.m. Berlin time on Thursday, Sep. 8. Stock quickly disappeared.

Where will Nike go from here? It's not likely that the brand will let the launch pass without a proper release on, but for now all is quiet on that front. Watch with us in the coming week as clues on this secretive release accumulate.

Nike Acronym Presto