How to Dress Like Kevin Durant (In 2009)

A guide to a younger KD's personal style.


This summer, Kevin Durant made a bold career move when he decided to leave what he helped build in Oklahoma City to join a championship-ready situation in Golden State. One of the most popular players in the league since his 2007 debut, Durant is now being painted as a villain, similar to the role LeBron James embraced when he took his talents south six years ago. The critics are out in full force, but Durant isn't seeking their approval—he's after championships.

In addition to a new deal and fresh start, Durant has something else to celebrate: his birthday. Today, the former MVP turns 28, which scarily puts him in the prime of his career. Before we see him suit up in his new digs, we're celebrating his big day with a throwback look at some of his old style.

The year is 2009. Durant, not yet an All-Star, is in Phoenix to compete in the Rookie Challenge and now-defunct H-O-R-S-E event. He sits down for his All-Star Weekend portrait and wears...this. Now, Durant hasn't exactly become a much better dresser over the years, but this outfit is a special kind of horrible that probably wasn't even passable at the time. Thus, the birthday breakdown.

Hover over the dots below to discover the finer points of Durant's All-Star Weekend style from 2009.

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