Ever since images of Anthony Hamilton's one-off Jordans started trickling onto the internet, people have been scratching their heads about how the singer got his hands on the set. That's not a knock on Hamilton, it's just that his name usually doesn't come up in the discussion of top entertainer/sneaker collectors. Nice Kicks provides the answer in a new interview with the singer.

Apparently Hamilton went on a trip to Mexico with Michael Jordan and Jordan athletes like Carmelo Anthony and Kawhi Leonard. On that trip, people competed against each other to design Jordan products, with the winners earning their own exclusive sneakers.

"We won the contest and the prize was getting all the Jordans custom made," explains Hamilton in the piece. "You could only pick two colors, so if you picked black and white they’d all be black and white. So I was like, you know what, I want to do something different, I thought about gold but it might be too shiny. Let’s just go with chocolate and bubble gum bottoms."

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