It takes a real adidas nerd to respect and understand the work of Gary Aspden, a Three Stripes historian of sorts who leads the brand's Spezial range that began in 2014. The collections dig through adidas' archive for forgotten models, at times bringing them back in original form and at times updating them.

The latest batch is headlined by the adidas GT Manchester, a fiery blue and red release. Rounding out the pack are the Mounfield in all-black, the Indoor Super, the Harwood, and the hybrid Bulhill.

Adidas is set to launch the new Spezial collection of sneakers and apparel in October, 2016.

Adidas Spezial Manchester Profile

Adidas Spezial Mounfield

Adidas Spezial Mounfield Profile

Adidas Spezial Indoor Super

Adidas Spezial Indoor Super Profile

Adidas Spezial Hardwood

Adidas Spezial Hardwood Profile

Adidas Spezial Bulhill Navy

Adidas Spezial Bulhill Navy Profile

Adidas Spezial Bulhill Brown

Adidas Spezial Bulhill Brown Profile