The winning adidas NMD franchise continues to add new models to its range as the current ones continue to sell out. New this week is the adidas NMD_C1 TR in this black/brown colorway.

The silhouette is close to that of the adidas NMD City Sock, featuring a Chukka-like height that deviates from the original NMD runner style. The NMD_C1 TR is set apart from the City Sock via its toothed tooling on bottom and leather accent that gives it a more outdoorsy feel.

This debut adidas NMD_C1 TR already released overseas at End Clothing and quickly sold out, but more retailers should be stocking the shoes soon.

Adidas NMD C1 Trail Profile

Adidas NMD C1 Trail Heel

Adidas NMD C1 Trail Detail

Adidas NMD C1 Trail Sole