There's no doubt that Nike is king in college basketball, but who holds the no. 2 spot? Matt Norlander at CBS Sports asked over 110 college coaches that question, with 76 percent of them saying Under Armour was ahead of adidas in the world of collegiate hoops.

"Adidas consistently puts out bad-looking gear and uniforms," said one coach. "The best thing they have going for them is the Yeezy shoe line, but I hear that it's still almost impossible for some of the big-name Adidas sponsored schools to get the shoes. I'd be pissed if we were sponsored by Adidas."

How did this brand battle turn out in the most recent March Madness tournament? Nike sponsored all eight schools across the men's and women's Final Fours in the 2016 March Madness tournaments. What's more, Nike has sponsored nearly 80 percent of the Final Four D1 teams between the men's and women's tournaments in the last decade.