Do NBA players who endorse rival sneaker brands actually get along at the end of the day? Tracy McGrady, who had his own signature line with adidas, says no.

In a new interview with Complex, the seven-time All-Star says that he never spoke with Michael Jordan about a proposed trade that would have sent Scottie Pippen to Toronto in exchange for McGrady, suggesting that they didn't speak because of their opposing sneaker deals.

"You know Nike Jordan guys and adidas guys don’t get along," he said. "I don’t know if you know that, but you know now."

McGrady also said that Nike athletes and adidas athletes usually aren't friends with each other off the court. "The friendship only goes so far. It definitely doesn’t extend beyond the basketball court, that’s for damn sure."

Read the rest of the interview here for his thoughts on Kevin Durant's move to Golden State, the aforementioned trade for Pippen, and more.