Venture capitalists can't get enough of Allbirds' $95 wool sneakers.

According to Business Insider, the cozy sneakers have developed quite a following in Silicon Valley, with Allbirds raking in $2.2 million in seed round funding. 

"They're really awesome. I don't wear socks anymore," said Michael Brandt, co-founder of a smart drug subscription service. 

While using wool on a sneaker isn't a new concept by any means, it's the low price point, comfort, and perhaps more importantly, availability, that's creating so much buzz around Allbirds.

In fact, Business Insider goes as far as to predict that Allbirds could soon join the hoodie and t-shirt as part of the infamous "startup uniform"

The Allbirds Wool Runners come in a variety of colors, including a few limited edition versions, and you can find them at from  

Allbirds Wool Sneaker