Nike and its Swoosh insignia are internationally known, but what about its famous "Just Do It" slogan?

Thanks to a new ad from longtime Nike partners Wieden+Kennedy, people in China will know exactly what the brand's trying to convey. 

"You don't have to do it for the glory. You don't have to do it to be famous. You don't have to do it for the boys. It doesn't matter how you do it or where you do it," the commercial says, continuing before finishing with, "We never said to do any of this. All we said was, 'Just Do It.'"

"Growing up in China, I was surrounded by people who simply used the English words ‘Just Do It’ as a punch line without knowing what it really means. It’s great that in this campaign, the provocative voice-over lines help to define what it is, by saying what it isn’t," Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai business director Dino Xu told Ad Week.

Check out the clip above.