Last month, 33-year old Jeffrey Harrison became an instant viral star when he was spotted playing a pickup game in a full Michael Jordan uniform. Little was known about Harrison at the time, but CBS affiliate KREM2 was able to catch up with the Jordan super fan and shed a little more light on his story.

Since the age of 4, Harrison has idolized Michael Jordan. He started wearing the full uniform to the court as a tribute to his hero in 2010 and continues to do so today. Harrison is also autistic, a condition he says won't get in the way of his passion for playing basketball.

“I am a good player, I always have fun playing basketball," Harrison told KREM2. "I also take the game real seriously."

In addition to having an opportunity to tell his story, Harrison's viral stardom scored him one of the biggest moments of his life — a phone call from Jordan himself. After seeing a video of Harrison playing in his uniform, Jordan sent him two boxes of Jordan gear, a personal letter and gave him a ring Friday afternoon. The moment was shared by the writer of the KREM2 story, Darnay Tripp.

Cue the waterworks. Unfortunately, not all of the memes made about Harrison have been positive and his friends say that he isn't always treated kindly. The revelation of his story is a reminder to all of us to treat everyone with respect and search for a little more context before we get that joke off on Twitter.