Apparently Kanye West was serious about working with Payless to create cool, cheap sneakers. In a new interview with BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac, West revisited the conversation he had with the CEO of the budget shoe purveyor and laid out hopes for a $30 Yeezy offering from adidas.

"I'm going to adidas and I'm like, 'Adidas, I know you've never made a shoe under $50, but we have to make a shoe that costs $30 USD. And I'm gonna wear it–it's gonna be the coolest shoe of all. To me, this thing I'm saying is the thing I'm most excited about of anything I've ever done."

His sneaker talk in the interview, which is embedded below, begins at around the 11:40 mark.

Until this becomes a reality, we're stuck paying hundreds of dollars for Yeezys at retail or–worse yet–thousands of dollars for Yeezys on the resell market.