Do you still want to be like Mike? Nike and Jordan Brand can help out in that quest with their new Jordan Breakfast Club, a training program patterned after the regimen Michael Jordan made for himself in 1989 in order to break through and establish the Bulls' 1990s dominance.

In this, Jordan Brand hopes to pass on some of Jordan's excellence to a younger generation.

"Michael is the blueprint for greatness," says Larry Miller, president of Jordan Brand, of the program. "We are excited to be able to share some of these insights and training tips with kids who are striving to reach their own greatness."

The Jordan Breakfast Club training program spans 30 days and is designed and led by Alex Molden, formerly of the New Orleans Saints.

Users can subscribe to the program digitally and receive daily drills and insights from Jordan Brand athletes. Sign up for the Jordan Breakfast Club here and watch for special live sessions to come in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto​.