Michael Jordan is widely considered to be the best to ever play the game of basketball, but his fashion game has often come under scrutiny. Wide-legged and distressed denim, massive suit jackets, and a variety of questionable hats are all staple items in MJ’s post retirement wardrobe. It even prompted the infamous “WTF Is Michael Jordan Wearing” Tumblr account.

But MJ isn’t just wearing terrible clothes–he’s selling them to us too.

Bad jeans are arguably MJ’s signature item, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that some of the worst denim to ever hit the shelves–yes, including even JNCO and Robin’s–have a Jumpman logo on them.

Some of the earliest examples come from the long-forgotten Two3 product range–an early 2000s line of “upscale” clothing which included sweaters, boots, pleated dress slacks, and of course, bad denim. The mid-2000s took things to even lower lows with the introduction of the LS line. While many of the LS sneakers such as the Altitude 13 were hits with collectors, the matching clothing collections weren’tmuch of which hit retail at deep discounts, but was a requirement for stores to buy in order to carry the accompanying sneakers.

MJ may finally be starting to update his fashion, but these denim creations will live on forever thanks to eBay. We’ve rounded up some of the very worst below.