Brad Hall's run as a viral sneaker unboxer is the stuff of legend. He exploded onto the scene early last year, when the sneaker community couldn't get enough of his sarcastically-toned YouTube videos. The clips, somewhat of a parody of typical unboxings, landed Hall partnerships with companies like Foot Locker and interviews with national publications. Though amused by his work, sneakerheads couldn't quite figure Hall out — is he a real person with serious production skills or some kind of industry plant?

Thanks to some detective work from the Sneaker News crew, the Brad Hall mystery has been solved. It turns out that he's actually a Chicago-based actor/comedian named Ben Kobold. His brief IMDB profile consists of three independent films that he acted in, wrote and/or directed. That would help explain the high production value of his sneaker videos.

The Hall character continues to unbox sneakers on YouTube — most recently, he took a closer look at the Converse Chuck II Shield Canvas.