Wale is obviously the sort of guy who has no qualms with spending tons of money on sneakers–one can see that just by following his Instagram or listening to his music. Sure, he likely gets a lot of it for free but, like most of us, he's had to fork over serious cash for resell prices before.

What's the most cash he's ever handed over for a pair of shoes? In his Footwear News cover story, the rapper says he paid way over retail for a Kanye West x Louis Vuitton pair.

"Like $6,000," Wale reveals. "I wanted Kanye’s Louis Vuitton joints, the chocolate brown with a hint of fuchsia; I got those from a consignment [store]. I had to pay a grip, and they’re way too big for me because I told them to get a size 9, but a size 9 fits like an 11.5."

Let Wale's tip on sizing be a lesson to you in case you're considering spending thousand of dollars on the Kanye West shoes in question.