What were the people at Under Armour thinking when they cooked up those "Chef" Curry sneakers that have been so endlessly ridiculed online? In the above video from Business Insider, a higher-up at the brand gives the story on how the white shoe came to be.

"We listened to [Steph Curry], he loves white shoes, and so we made him a white shoe," says Kevin Haley, Under Armour's president of product and innovation. "When people ask him about it, he says, 'It's hot.'"

Not the most insightful look into the brand's design process, but it's a reminder that there's really nothing all that egregious about the colorway–it's just another white sneaker. Haley mentions that they made Curry a white sneaker last year, a shoe that didn't earn nearly the infamy of the "Chef" one.

He also touches on the notion of creating product that elicits a response, whether it be negative or positive.

"I think it's one of those things where, when you make product and you allow your designers to listen to the athlete, and you allow them to basically swing for the fence, hopefully you're going to make some product that some people love and some people hate, and that's just the way it is."

They've definitely got the hate thing figured out, but Under Armour might need to focus more on the love part of that equation right now.