Nike is one of 68 companies who have filed a brief requesting that North Carolina's controversial House Bill 2 be blocked, Yahoo reports. The law limits the use of bathrooms by transgender people, requiring them to use facilities that correspond to their sex rather than the gender they identify with.

"H.B. 2 and the naked, invidious discrimination it condones is already damaging [companies'] ability to recruit and retain a diverse workforce and is imposing a substantial disincentive to investment and commerce in the state, directly impacting their bottom line," the brief reads.

Nike's name was tossed into a proposed boycott of the 2017 NBA All-Star in Charlotte, N.C., over the bill, although the ire may have been misguided as the brand isn't an official sponsor of the event.

In general, Nike has been quick to support LGBT rights. It releases a yearly "Be True" collection around Pride Month and recently terminated the contract of endorser Manny Pacquiao over his homophobic comments.