Usually when you buy a pair of sneakers from you can expect a pretty quick turnaround on your order and a pair on your doorstep within a week. Such is not the case for everyone with the release of this weekend's "Black/Metallic" Jordan 5 though.

On Tuesday, the brand sent out emails to some customers who ordered the Jordan 5 through saying that their pairs would be delayed.

"We’re sorry, but there’s been a delay in getting you the item(s) below," the note reads. "The new ship date will be on or before 8/3/16. We’ll ship the item(s) as soon as it’s available and send you an email when your order is on its way."

Nike isn't giving a reason in the email as to why shipments of the shoes are being delayed. The brand is offering to cancel orders as a solution, although that likely won't come as much of a solution to the people who've been waiting years for this sneaker to come back with the "Nike Air" branding.