Ever wonder how much money Mark Parker, CEO, president, and chairman of Nike, Inc., makes? Per a company filing released this week, Parker's total compensation for the last fiscal year was $47,615,302.

Parker's pay ballooned from $16.8 million in the 2015 fiscal year to $47.6 million in the 2016 fiscal year. While his base salary of $1.6 million was consistent over those years, the big jump came from his stock options.

In a Nike SEC filing, Parker's stock awards for 2016 are valued at $33.5 million vs. just $3.5 million for 2015. In the filing, which readers can find in full here, Nike cites the company's success under Parker's leadership and his taking over the role of chairman as reasons for the giant increase in stock compensation.

Parker became chairman in June, 2016, when Nike co-founder and previous chairman Phil Knight stepped down from his role at the company.