If you love sneakers, the goal is to never work at a place where you can't wear them. Why spend 40 hours a week dressed uncomfortably? Let's face it: sneakers at the office > suit + tie. 

If you're lucky enough, you might get the chance to earn a living at a workplace like Foot Locker, Inc. Just like the retail stores that it has all over the world, Foot Locker's corporate office is all about creating a environment for people who enjoy sneakers. 

"The love of sneakers is ever present," said Andy Gray, Foot Locker's Vice President and General Manager. "It's not just about the dollars you make, it's about the experience you give."

The company's new global headquarters in New York is just a few months old, but has everything a prospective employee who's into sports and sneakers might want—a free fitness center, outdoor terrace with WiFi connection, and state-of-the-art meeting rooms. Not to mention that you won't be able to walk 30-feet without seeing a video screen playing ESPN or whatever major sporting event is going on at the moment. 

"Retail itself has gotten more fun, and the culture inside the company has as well," Gray said. "Sneaker and sports culture is in our blood."

Tony Aversa, a veteran of the company for 20 years, says wearing cool sneakers isn't just a small perk, it's a responsibility.  "You have to be credible," he said. "Everybody in the office is watching."

We wanted to see for ourselves. Is Foot Locker HQ just like any stuffy corporate office? Take a look at the gallery below to see what staffers are wearing to work. And if you're looking for a job where you can wear sneakers everyday, check out sneakerjobs.com