How To Dress Like Tim Duncan (in 1999)

A guide to Tim Duncan's timeless style.


Few players in NBA history have received as much universal praise, both as a person and player, as Tim Duncan. And his recently announced retirement has given us a chance to reflect on just how special that career was. His sense of style has also drawn near unanimous commentary–although it's not been quite as positive.

Truth be told, Duncan’s fashion sense wasn’t too far out of step from the norm in the late '90s. His problem was that he never moved forward stylistically, and arguably got even worse. When he climbed on his first championship float in 1999, there was nothing particularly remarkable about his outfit at first glance. But upon further inspection, there were clues warning us of what was to come.

Hover over the dots below to discover the finer points of Duncan’s parade style from 1999.

​Image via Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images