NBA free agents are falling like dominoes, with incredible dollar amounts being thrown around under the new salary cap. While most of the big names are off the market, former MVP Kevin Durant remains uncommitted as meetings with teams continue throughout the weekend.

Earlier today, Durant met with a Boston Celtics group consisting of GM Danny Ainge, players Marcus Smart and Kelly Olynyk and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. While most of the buzz surrounded the 4-time Super Bowl champ's appearance, Ainge's choice in footwear may be what deserves credit should the Celtics land Durant.

A closer look at Ainge as he walked into the meeting revealed him wearing a pair of Durant's high-top Nike KD 8 Elite sneakers. The black-based "Away" colorway could have been a strategic decision, but he probably didn't put that much thought into it. A recent tweet from Ainge's son also showed his dad wearing the shoes at his engagement party.

According to reports, Durant has informed teams that they'll be notified of his decision within 24-36 hours, so we'll know whether or not Ainge's lucky shoes paid off soon.

Nike KD 8 Elite Black/Gold