Make no mistake, Kevin Hart's sneaker résumé doesn't start at his upcoming Nike sneaker, the Hustle Hart. In the latest episode of "Sneaker Shopping" from Complex, the comedian reminds the world that he used to work at a sneaker store.

Hart insists in the video that he was an excellent salesman, a claim that's not hard to believe given his excellent footwear vocabulary.

"I know anything there is to know about a sneaker," Hart says. "I mean, what kind of sneaker do you want? Where's your problems? In your forefoot? Is it in your shins? Do you supinate, do you pronate? Want something with condensed EVA, ¬†polyurethane‚Äč in it?"

Watch the video to hear Hart talk about his sneakers, diarrhea, getting free Jordans from Drake, and more.