Nike's massive LeBron James banner on the Sherwin-Williams headquarters in the heart of Downtown Cleveland is being removed.

Sherwin-Williams has made plans to temporarily replace Nike's LeBron signage with a patriotic banner reading "This Land Is Our Land" (pictured below) on July 5, CBS Sports reports. 

There's strong speculation that the new banner is intended to signify the upcoming Republican National Convention, which comes to Cleveland from July 18-21, but a statement from Sherwin-Williams says that it's meant to "spotlight the company's 150th anniversary" and "extend a warm welcome to summer visitors."

Despite more than 4,000 petition signatures asking Sherwin-Williams to leave the LeBron banner in place, the company says it intends to follow through with its plans.

The now-iconic LeBron banner was installed back in 2014 after James returned to Cleveland following a four-year stint with the Miami Heat, and it was recently updated with a graphic honoring the Cavs' first ever championship win. 

Image via Sherwin Williams