People really love "Flu Game" Jordan 12s. That much is a given, but you may be surprised at just how well the sneakers are performing on the secondary market.

Despite a recent downturn in Jordan resell numbers, the "Flu Game" 12s are having no problem moving on platforms like StockX. In fact, a look at the site's 'Most Popular' list, which ranks shoes by the number of sales within the last 72 hours, shows that the "Flu Game" 12s are by far the best-selling sneaker currently.

As of publishing, just under 150 pairs of "Flu Game" 12s have been recorded, while the second-best seller, the "Cherry" Jordan 11 Low, has sold less than 100 units. As you can see in the image below, the drop continues steadily from there.

There are a few factors worth considering here, the most obvious being that the 2016 "Flu Game" 12s are still fairly new and thus in high demand. Since StockX's data only pulls from the last 72 hours, recent releases will usually rank higher, but it's not often that the numbers are this skewed in one direction. Check out the data for yourself below.