If you're reading this, chances are pretty slim that you were actually able to buy a pair of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost "Light Grey/Glow" that released last weekend. Part of that is because the sneakers are so limited, and part of that is because a lot of pairs are accounted for before they ever hit retail.

Yes, sneaker stores are disappearing their stock and selling them to resellers. One of those resellers is 20-year-old Allen Kuo, seen in the above video, who claims he had 100 pairs of the Kanye West-designed shoes before they released.

In the clip, Allen talks about how he got into the reselling game and how he came up on all those pairs. He says he had investors who put money down to help him buy the shoes to resell, and that the majority of his pairs were purchased from "suppliers" and "some stores" on the East Coast.

The interview is filled with quotes that are sure to rile up sensitive sneakerheads online like, "I didn't know a single thing about Jordans before [I started reselling]" and, "I'm not a sneakerhead." 

Watch the video for a glimpse into the mind of a reseller.