Newly launched Chinese brand Uncle Martian says it has nothing to do with Under Armour, but that's not the impression one gets when looking at its website. There, sneakers from Under Armour's basketball line appear with Uncle Martian logos seemingly Photoshopped on.

The Chinese rip-off brand was even bold enough to take the Curry 2, one of Under Armour's best-selling sneakers, and slap its logo on. It didn't totally finish the job either—the above screenshot from the Uncle Martian site has Curry's "SC" logo still visible at the toe.

The brand drew wide criticism at its launch over its logo, which bares a striking resemblance to Under Armour's.

For anyone question the integrity of this very dubious sportswear company, they did go ahead and post their certificate of incorporation from the Chinese government (seen below). Under Armour's not having it though, and has threatened legal action against the curiously named Chinese imprint.