Remember the sneakers that surfaced yesterday supposedly made by Reebok to celebrate Israel's independence day? The brand is now saying that the sneaker was all a miscommunication and that it never intended to make such a shoe.

The Jerusalem Post, the same outlet that first broke the story of the shoes, is now being told by Reebok Israel that the design is a custom created using Reebok's website. 

"The shoe was prepared by an independent designer and should not be presented as a product by the company's international brand," a  Reebok spokesperson told the Post.

Reebok says that it doesn't allow its sneakers to be politicized, and made it clear that it wants nothing to do with the footwear, which some deemed nationalistic and insensitive given the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

"Reebok would like to distance itself from the shoe," the brand said in a statement obtained by the Post. "The shoe was a one-off initiative from one of our partners. We do not support this initiative."