How Original Air Jordans Have Aged Over Time

Comparison shots with more recent retros.


The benefit of retro sneakers is that they give fans of the originals an opportunity to wear their favorite pairs years later. Due to natural aging and processes like hydrolysis (moisture) and oxidation (oxygen), the polyurethane used for the tooling often degrades over time, resulting in unwearable, crumbled soles.

Sneaker enthusiast and content creator Rolo Tanedo Jr., aka dunksrnice, recently began a project in which he shows how original and older retro versions of classic Air Jordans have aged over time. As you can see, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find OG pairs that are still intact.

Air Jordan 2 Aged

1987 & 2014 White & Red Air Jordan 2. 

Air Jordan 3 Aged

1988, 1994 & 2001 "Black Cement" Air Jordan 3.

Air Jordan 4 Aged

1989 & 1999 Black Cement Air Jordan 4.

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