This year, LeBron James signed a lifetime deal with Nike, meaning that it isn't likely his Nike LeBron line is going to end anytime soon. It's already the longest running Nike Basketball signature line out there, with 13 flagship sneakers and a good number of spin-offs releasing to date. What are the highlights of the Nike LeBron line so far? Which pairs deserve to be retroed the most when that inevitably happens years down the line? We've ranked all 13 Nike LeBrons. But, this isn't a typical sneaker ranking.

Instead of letting one of our own handle the duties, we're passing this one off to Complex social media guru Shelby Calvert. The thing is that she knows nothing about sneakers, so her choices won't be influenced in the same way the choices of a sneakerhead would be. See her selections below and feel free to ridicule them in the comments section.

DISCLAIMER: Before you rip me apart in my mentions know this, I LOVE LEBRON JAMES. Being from Kentucky, college basketball is ingrained in my DNA—the NBA, well, not so much. When I moved to northeast Ohio for college [wuddup Wooster] EVERYONE was Cavs/LBJ obsessed, so I was like fuck it, I'm down. Went to a few Cavs games, followed Queen Savannah on Instagram, and even wept for the state of Ohio when he announced he was "Coming Home." So, without further ado, these are LeBron James' sneakers ranked.