Before the Golden State Warriors, the 90s Chicago Bulls were the team that embarrassed squads and broke hearts. No fanbase knows that more than supporters of the New York Knicks, who were routinely on the bad end of Michael Jordan's greatness for the better part of 15 years.

Up close for a lot of those legendary Jordan performances was Knicks superfan Spike Lee, who shared a piece of history with his Instagram followers earlier today. According to Lee, these Air Jordan 13s were worn by Jordan against the New York Knicks on Apr. 18, 1997, when he dropped 44 points at Madison Square Garden in a 111-109 victory.

Only one problem — this game didn't take place on that date. And it didn't happen at Madison Square Garden. Off the bat, sneakerheads can tell you that the Air Jordan 13 was worn during the 1997-1998 season, meaning that Apr. would have fallen in the latter year. The game, which happened to be Jordan's last regular season outing as a Bull, was held at Chicago's United Center. Jordan did ring up the Knicks for 44 points, he did wear the "He Got Game" colorway and the Bulls did win 111-109.

That's not to say that Spike is lying. The man has seen more live basketball than most people can ever dream of over the years and the details probably get a little fuzzy at times. It was heavily rumored that Jordan could be retiring after that season, so it's more than conceivable that "Mars" made the trip to Chicago for the occasion. If these are indeed those sneakers, he owns a tremendous piece of Jordan history.