Can you imagine strolling into your local Payless ShoeSource and grabbing the latest pair of Kanye West sneakers with ease? As crazy as it sounds, West said in a new interview that he wants to work with the supplier of budget footwear.

"I called the head of Payless," West said yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I'm like, 'I want to work with you.' I want to take all this information that I learned from sitting at all these fashion shows and knocking at all these doors and buying all these expensive clothes, and I want to take away bullying."

The rapper/designer/motivational speaker didn't say if this idea is anywhere close to being a reality, but a future where Yeezys are widely available for much lower prices certainly is an enticing one.

Until then, readers have to settle for updates on the limited sneakers from Kim Kardashian and striking out come release day.

Skip to 6:10 in the video above to hear West talk Payless and stick around for the rest of the video if you need some inspiration to help you face whatever horrors you encounter in your daily life.