What's worse than ending up with a pair of fake Yeezy Boosts? Ending up with a felony charge after you try and get the sneakers back.

That's what happened to Ryan Perez, who tells his story in the above video from WFAA8 in Dallas.

According to Perez, he traded some Jordans for a pair of "Pirate Black" Yeezy 350 Boosts with Davis Dorries after arranging a meetup. Days later, Perez realized they were fake, and contacted Dorries down to get his shoes back.  Dorries agreed to cancel the deal, but eventually stopped responding to Perez's messages, which led the latter to track the former down and demand he get his sneakers.

He got them, but later got arrested by police in Fort Worth for felony theft. Apparently Dorries filed a police report claiming that Perez "threatened to unload on" him and his friends if they didn't give up the shoes.

Watch the video above to try and sort through this mess of a sneaker deal.