An accomplished team physician for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Vikings, Dr. David A. Fischer received the call to join USA Basketball in 1992. From the beginning of the Tournament of the Americas qualifying to the final game in Barcelona, Fischer was part of the iconic Dream Team. Twenty-four years later, he's decided to part with some of his keepsakes form the historic summer.

Among the many items he's placed, including bags, balls, hats, jackets and an actual gold medal, Fischer is auctioning off a complete set of game-worn Dream Team sneakers. That collection starts with a pair of Michael Jordan's "Olympic" Air Jordan 7 and also includes Player Exclusive make-ups for Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley and every other member of the roster.

"We have enjoyed the items and memories," Fischer told Heritage Auctions. "We will always have the memories and friendships. However, we now think it time to allow other basketball fans and collectors the opportunity to share in these as well."

Bidding for individual pairs is open now and will run until May 13. Predictably, the Air Jordans are currently reeling in the most money with a bid of $16,000. Auction analysts believe that the set could fetch a total of $200,000 at closing.

If you're interesting in owning a piece of history, bid on a pair of your choosing now at Heritage Auctions.