We can all agree that fake sneakers are awful and not acceptable under any circumstances. But there is a category of footwear that’s arguably even worse. There is a tier of sneakers out there that, while technically not fake, is so bad that we can’t even believe it exists. At least fakes are counterfeit versions of desirable shoes. These are shoes that, while very possibly derivative in their own right, have taken things to even worse places by adding their own touches.

Many of these shoes find their way to the inboxes of sneaker editors without warning. Usually they don't warrant the energy it takes to open the email, but every once in a while they serve as an amusing distraction from the daily grind of posting about the same few footwear brands. We've decided to put some of these on display so readers can see the sort of pitches we put up with. 

For our first entry to the series, we’re taking a look at Goodyear Footwear. Yes, the Goodyear known for tires and the blimp. They actually have a footwear line that launched back in 2014, marketed to “street style and car aficionados.” Prior to that, Goodyear had a partnership with adidas–a couple of the shoes pictured here are actually knockoffs of stuff from that now-extinct line. If anything catches your eye, according to their website, stockists include Amazon, Sears, Dicks, and DSW. Here are the "highlights."