You probably won't ever see Queens rapper Action Bronson wearing a pair of Air Jordans. In the latest episode of "Sneaker Shopping" from Complex, he says that the ubiquity of Jordans has turned him off to them.

"Nowadays this has just become the go-to shoe for every single human being and I just, I can't do it," Bronson explains. "I don't like the quality of them. I don't like the look of them anymore, something changed about it. The nostalgia isn't there for me anymore, it became more of like a circus shoe."

He goes on to say that his experience meeting Michael Jordan wasn't exactly pleasant.

"I have a personal issue with Mike," the rapper responds when asked why he doesn't wear Jordans. "We didn't hit it off when we met. He looked at me as probably a little shit and he's seven feet. He can like, dunk on me and put his nuts on my head, you know what I mean? So he could care less about me."

Bronson isn't the only MC that's been slighted by Jordan–don't forget N.O.R.E.'s recent dispute with the man or Chamillionaire's legendary story about being turned down by the GOAT.