What Seinfeld Would Look Like With Modern Day Sneakers

A feature about nothing.


Seinfeld was one of the most iconic sitcoms in TV history. If you've got a keen eye for sneakers (which you probably do), you might have noticed that the "show about nothing's" title character was often spotted wearing some of the quintessential sneakers of the '90s. Jerry wore everything from Air Jordans 6s to Air Tech Challenges in white colorways. He later revealed that his passion for sneakers was fueled by watching Joe Namath on the 1969 New York Jets who was the only football player at the time to wear white shoes.

Sneakers have changed a lot since then. Bulky leather uppers have been replaced with lighter, knit-like materials. White is still a staple colorway, er, lack of color, but innovations in manufacturing have allowed companies to make any color combo you can imagine. So we wondered, what would Seinfeld's sneakers look like in 2016? Here's what we came up with.

Nike footscape magista

There's currently a trend of sneaker uppers being extended all the way up above the ankle. Here's what the one of those styles—the Nike Footscape Magista—​would look like with Jerry's dad-jeans.

Nike flyknit racer

The Nike Huarache was one of Jerry's go-tos in the '90s. That sneaker was groundbreaking for running in that era, just as the Flyknit Racer was for this era.  

nike free TRAINER FORCE flyknit

Cross trainers were a big part of Seinfeld's rotation—with everything from SC Trainers to other lesser-known '90s silhouettes in the mix. We gave him an upgrade by putting him Nike Free technology, something that wasn't available in 1992.

air jordan 30

If it was a white Nike sneaker that came out in the '90s, Seinfeld probably wore it. The Jordan 30 would probably fit his steez perfectly, down to the simple upper and the fact that the sneaker looks like something Joe Namath would wear on the field.

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