Nike SB's got a long history of referencing illegal activity with its sneakers, a history that may or may not be extended on this new duo.

The Nike SB Dunk and Nike SB GTS shown wear raw canvas looks that could be interpreted as referring to the papers one would use to roll joints, especially given Nike's intro describing the shoes as "Rugged, Raw and Ready to Roll."

The brand doesn't come close to mentioning marijuana in its copy for obvious reason, instead saying that the material used is reminiscent of "rugged burlap or the strong sustainable fibers of many a tough old mooring rope." It's tough to tell if this is just the brand being coy about the true theme, especially as the shoes release right before 4/20.

Making the 4/20 theme all the more likely are the accent colors of red, yellow, and green.

Watch for this Nike SB collection to hit stores on April 16.